Control Your Weight Without Dieting or Exercise: Creative Visualization

Many of us have tried to gain or lose weight by changing what we eat. You would think that we would learn by now that most of these methods of trying to control what we eat fail for a high percentage of people. Some of us think if we become more active that we might lose weight only to discover that we are eating more!

We try drugs, herbs and fads to get that fat off. It’s no wonder many of us are overweight, unhappy and unhealthy.

Sure it doesn’t hurt to eat more fresh food, get plenty of rest, drink adequate amounts of water and breath clean air. Most of us claim to be extremely busy to actually even take care of our bodies basic needs. Some how society has convinced us that other things are more of a priority than properly maintaining our bodies. And yet we seem to be able to invent a drug for almost every symptom we have.

In order to maintain some sort of healthy body many of the basic things your body needs seem to help most people at least feel better. My method of maintaining my weight is so simple that most of the people I tell it to wont even attempt it. There may or may not be scientific evidence that the method works, that’s because every method doesn’t always work for every person. we are all different that for sure!

My secret is I visualize the way I want to look. It called Creative Visualization. Yes daily! I have used Creative Visualization to gain weight and lose weight. Our mind are so fragile that they cant really tell conscience thought from sub-conscience thought. What an amazing concept! You can visualize yourself as being thinner and our minds will take care of the rest. Stop fretting over what to eat when to eat and how much. Use visualization to affect change in your life. Imagine your self as you want to be and therefore you shall become. Not sure who said that? But now I did. Give it a try. Become more aware of your thoughts and start telling your mind how you want your body to look and feel.

It may help to try some form of meditation while you visualize your new body. Or you could try to do yoga while you visualize. It’s easy. Just go out and buy a cheap mat for gymnastics or yoga and get started.

So just tell your self how you want to look and feel! This works for almost anything if you keep telling your self you are losing weight all of a sudden your body starts to react! One person told me that it didn’t work for them to keep thinking all day that they were going to lose weight. I find it more effective to visualize your self skinny!

Another method is right before you fall asleep visualize yourself as you would want to look. Lots of professional athletes use this method to increase their weight, run faster, catch more balls! It works plain and simple. Many people have written book about it. Thousand of people are using the method everyday. Some don’t even realize it. So give it a try.

Water Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and Arthritis

I’ve completed 14 Aqua therapy sessions. It’s a wonderful place where the water in the swimming pool is maintained at 88 degrees. A very large hot tub is also available and although there is a steady procession of people in and out, it is never too crowded.

People of all ages arrive regularly by car from their homes or buses from the surrounding apartment buildings, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. They may walk in stooped, using canes, in wheel chairs but they all enter for the same reason to exercise their way to stronger muscles, pain relief and better health.

My health care plan (Kaiser) sent me there for swim and exercise therapy after I spoke to my doctor to request aqua therapy. Parkinson’s patients learn that they must be very proactive about their course of treatment.

My first eight sessions were water therapy, the last six combination’s of water and nautilus therapy. I’m being treated for arthritis in my knees as well as improving my walking stride, balance and stability because of Parkinson’s disease. The course of my exercises was designed for my specific needs after a very thorough diagnostic on the first day.

The water exercises they have taught me are mostly various forms of walking: forwards, sideways, backwards, Mohawk where one foot crosses over the other – like ice skating around a curve – along with a number of leg lifting exercises for my knees. The resistance of the water isn’t noticeable. Doing those same exercises out of the water would be very painful because of the arthritis. It would be even more difficult to achieve any balance out of the water because of the PD. There are also stretching exercises to reduce the stiffness although really all of the water exercises help to reduce stiffness caused by tightening muscles.

The left side of my body is the side most challenged. It was the tingling in my left hand and later the tremors which sent me to the doctor for the PD diagnosis. When I do leg and arm exercises in the water or in the exercise room, I do one set of reps for my right side and another set for my left side, this time using less weight. My left side cannot handle the heavier weight. I’m trying to strengthen my left side.

Using the buoyancy of the water to protect my knees while I exercise vigorously, my legs are regaining some strength and have started to feel better even when I’m out of the water.

The nautilus exercises are designed to strengthen my upper and lower body and to help me regain flexibility. I’m starting to have the feeling that some of my muscles are beginning to get back into shape.

Now I plan to continue these exercises there several times a week which I can do because they offer a program for people who have already been there for therapy. They asked me before my covered sessions ended if I wished to continue and since I did, I enrolled in their Wellness Program. Although I do not meet with a therapist very often in the self-pay program, I am required to complete an exercise history of each session so that they can continue to track my progress. Therapists are available in all areas should I have a pressing question.

While I don’t particularly enjoy exercising, I do enjoy losing the pain in my knees and regaining some of the strength I used to have.

ginger root

Ginger: A Safe, Effective Chinese Herbal Remedy

When you have ailments, the medicine or drugs that you take for them often have side effects and can often be worse for you than the ailments themselves. There are so many medicines that are being recalled, many people are starting to question if taking medicines are safe. Chinese herbal remedies are alternatives that many people turn to. Do we know if Chinese herbal remedies are effective, or more importantly, are they safe?

While I think there is a place and time for medicine and drugs, I always try to look for more natural cures when I have a problem. I think that putting to many different foreign and man created substances in our bodies can’t be good for it. I always try herbal remedies first. Many herbal remedies are foods and other natural things that won’t effect our bodies the same way traditional medicines would.

When I was pregnant I had very bad morning sickness. For me the nausea lasted all day, I was miserable. I always try to look for natural cures but this was even more important to me since I was pregnant. I didn’t want to take any kind of medicine that could have an effect on my unborn baby. I knew that anything that I put into my body would go directly to my baby, and I wouldn’t take any chances on something hurting her. I decided to try ginger, to see if it would help with my nausea.

I started with ginger tea in the morning. I noticed right away that I had less nausea. After drinking the tea a couple days in a row, I was able to get up in the morning without having to run to the bathroom. This worked so great in the mornings that I decided to try it at other times. I tried taking a ginger supplement thinking that maybe it would give me more and work better. The supplement didn’t work for me. I think part of what was helping me with the nausea was the smell, so when I took it as a supplement I wasn’t getting the chance to smell it. I also would drink protein shakes during my pregnancy ad I would grate fresh ginger into the drink. The ginger was really effective it helping me keep my food down. There were a few times that I would feel so sick and nauseous that I would cut a piece of fresh ginger and suck on it. It was strong, but it was worth it to feel better.

I think there are many Chinese herbal remedies that are very effective. I think it’s very individual to each person to which remedies work for them. If something is ailing you then it is usually worth trying a Chinese herbal remedy first to see if it works for you. Most Chinese herbal remedies don’t have side effects and are safe to take, unlike many drugs and medicine. Just be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that the herbal remedy won’t have a side effect on your specific condition.